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If you love listening to music on Spotify, why not try your hand at making some Spotify glass art? It’s a fun and easy project that anyone can do, and it’s a great way to show off your musical taste. Here’s how to make your own Spotify glass art:

First, gather your supplies. You’ll need some clear glass plates or bowls, some black Sharpie markers, and some clear adhesive film. Then, start by sketching out your design on the bottom of the glass plate with the Sharpie marker.

Once you’re happy with your design, carefully place the adhesive film over top of it. Now it’s time to get creative! Use different colors of Sharpie markers to fill in your design on the adhesive film.

Be sure to work slowly and carefully so that you don’t accidentally smudge or tear the film. Once you’re finished coloring in your design, peel off the film and admire your handiwork!

  • Gather your materials
  • You will need a piece of glass, a sharpie, and some clear nail polish
  • Draw your design on the glass with the sharpie
  • Make sure to use a light hand, as you can’t erase Sharpie from glass! 3
  • Once you’re happy with your design, go over it with a layer of clear nail polish
  • This will help to set the Sharpie and prevent it from smudging
  • Allow the nail polish to dry completely before displaying your new Spotify Glass Art!

DIY Spotify Glass Art! (WITHOUT CRICUT)

How Do You Make a Glass Album Cover on Spotify?

Spotify offers users the ability to create and share custom playlists, as well as listen to Spotify’s vast library of songs on demand. One way to make your playlist stand out is to add a cover image. You can easily add a cover image to your playlist by following these steps:

1) Go to your profile in the top right corner of the Spotify desktop app and click ‘Edit Profile.’ 2) Under ‘Images,’ click ‘Change Image’ next to the ‘playlist’ image option.

3) Select the image you’d like to use as your playlist cover. You can upload an image from your computer, or choose one from Spotify’s free stock photos. 4) Once you’ve selected an image, click ‘Save.’

Your new playlist cover will now be visible when viewing your playlist on Spotify.

How Do You Make Glass Music Art?

There are a few different ways that you can make glass music art. One way is to use clear sheet glass and etch it with a design. You can also use stained glass to create a colorful piece.

If you want to create 3D art, you can use fused glass or blown glass. To etch the glass, you will need to first clean the surface of the glass and then apply a stencil to it. Use a sharp object to trace the design onto the surface of the glass.

Once you have etched the entire design, you can remove the stencil and wash off any residue. To stain the glass, you will need to choose your colors and then apply them to the surface of the glass using a brush or sponge. Once the color is evenly distributed, you can bake it in an oven to set it permanently.

If you want to create 3D art, you will need to either fuse or blow Glass into your desired shape. Fused Glass is created by heating up small pieces of Glass until they melt together into one larger piece. Blown Glass is made by inflating molten Glass with air until it forms into your desired shape.

How Does Spotify Glass Art Work?

Spotify’s glass art is made using a process called sandblasting. Sandblasting is a process of blasting sand onto a piece of glass to create an image. The Spotify logo is first drawn onto the glass using a stencil.

Then, the glass is placed in a sandblasting machine and sand is blasted onto the surface of the glass. Thesandblast removes the top layer of the glass, revealing the Spotify logo beneath.

How Do I Make Spotify Glass With Cricut?

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your Spotify playlists, why not try creating custom playlist covers with Cricut? With Cricut’s wide range of materials and easy-to-use design software, it’s easy to make professional-looking covers that are unique to your taste. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make Spotify glass covers with Cricut:

1. Choose the right material: For best results, use Cricut Clear Vinyl or Glass Etching Starter Kit. If you’re using vinyl, make sure the shiny side is facing down when cutting. 2. Cut out your design: Use the Cricut Design Space software to create or upload your desired design.

Then, cut it out on your chosen material according to the instructions for your machine. 3. Apply the vinyl/etching cream: If you’re using vinyl, remove the negative space around your design before applying it to the glass surface. For etching cream, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application.

4. Let it dry/cure: Depending on which medium you used, let the vinyl adhesive or etching cream dry or cure according to the package directions before continuing. This is an important step – if you don’t let it dry completely, your design may not stick or may be smeared when wet.


If you’re looking for a fun and unique project to try, why not create some Spotify glass art? You can use old CDs or DVDs, some clear glue, and a little bit of patience to create beautiful works of art. First, you’ll need to gather your materials.

You’ll need some old CDs or DVDs, a sharp knife, clear glue, and something to use as a template (if you’re using a CD). If you’re using a DVD, you can simply trace the outline of the disc onto your piece of glass. Next, use your knife to carefully cut along the traced line.

Once you’ve cut out your disc shape, it’s time to start gluing. Apply a thin layer of glue around the edge of your disc. Then, place your disc onto your piece of glass and hold it in place for a few minutes until the glue dries.

Now that your Spotify glass art is complete, you can display it proudly in your home!

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